Hello and all that

Blogging. Apparently it’s the new black, or something. Everyone’s doing it and I hate feeling left out, so here I am.

Although, it’s all slightly worrying. You might just actually finally work out that I am a little bit of a grumpy old woman. In fact, I’m quite a big bit of a grumpy old woman.  The most vocal supporter of me starting this blog has been my husband, Elisar. This is mostly because he hopes that me ranting online will reduce the need for me to rant at him in real life.  Poor, misguided soul, he is.

I am also always right. Ask anyone. Ask Peter Halpin, who coined my nickname Lisa ‘I’ve said it so it’s fact’ Gifford. Damn skippy!

Not really (well he did give me that nickname, he even wrote it on my press night card for 3some – see)Pete's card

but, on the contrary, one of the great things about aging is the older you become, the more you realise you don’t know, and the less judgemental you are as a result. It’s brilliant. Not that I don’t have opinions – I’ve got a million of ’em. Hence this blog.

So yes, if you’re familiar with my Twitter feed you’ll know the kinds of things I’m likely to gob off about on here. Or you can always read my ‘About Me’ page.  Anyway, look out for mutterings about feminism, gay rights, animal rights, food, writing, the state of the British Film Industry, the state of the British TV industry, Honey Boo Boo. Yes, for the record, I am a huge fan of Honey Boo Boo. She is awesome. Get over it.


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