I thought it was just me…aka…irrational hatreds…aka…men in red trousers

You know that thing you really hate?  The thing that really irritates you, yet you know it’s so completely ridiculous that it must just be a ‘you’ thing, right?  Well that’s how I feel about red trousers. Or, to be more precise, men in red trousers. So, I was kinda surprised to see this article on the BBC Website yesterday – Why do people mock men in red trousers?

So, this is officially A Thing then?  It’s suddenly okay to point and laugh?  Alright, I don’t do that – unless it’s at Euan King, who owns the aforesaid offensive garment. But this is a man who once, while drunk, held me personally responsible for the English persecution of William Wallace – no, I have no idea why either. It probably had something to do with me being English, and the fact it was his round. But, I digress.  While I have no intention of sniggering behind my hand at any member of the male sex who decides to don a pair of burgundy slacks or crimson jeans, the fact remains that, deep down, I’ll be willing them to change into something…well…a bit nicer.

I’ve had a think about where this prejudice comes from. In the BBC article, Lisa Armstrong from The Daily Telegraph says “it’s the brightness and ostentation that offends in a country where menswear styles are typically conservative and muted.”  But this doesn’t wash for me.  If a bloke was to wander along the street in bright pink trousers, for instance, I’d be dead impressed.  My ire is uniquely reserved for the red trouser brigade.

On reflection, the only reason I can think of is that, pretty much, every man I’ve ever met who wears them has turned out to be a twat. Except for my friend Kelly Eva May’s boyfriend, who’s lovely and currently driving halfway around the world for charity, so he can wear whatever he likes.  And Euan, I suppose.  But he has only ever ventured out in his red trews on stage for 3some, so on some level he must know, subliminally, as they nestle deep in his wardrobe, that they’re wrongity wrong.

So yes. My name is Lisa and I am trouserist.  Who knew??


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