About Me

First, the work stuff.  I’m a writer, and occasionally a director too.  You can read about my work here.

Now, the more interesting stuff. I’m 41, Tottenham-based, married and very happily childless. I describe myself as a feminist, but that doesn’t equal man hater. Far from it. I’m on my third (and final, thank you) marriage, so I think we can safely say I’m rather fond of men, but women’s rights are one of my soapbox issues. Along with gay rights, animal rights…basically equal rights.  I don’t like to see anyone get shafted. Unless that’s their job, then good luck to them. But if you’re a bigot, I will come for you in a big way.

What else? Well, I’m oddly fond of Brit-gangster flicks and football hooligan films, and I think that Nick Love’s remake of The Firm is possibly one of the best films ever made. I support Leyton Orient and Southampton, because I grew up in the latter and I live near the former. I’ve been a fan of the Pet Shop Boys since I was eleven years old (you do the math). Also a big fan of Pinter and Mike Leigh (can you spot the Mike Leigh homage in 3some?).

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